The 10 Best Rap and Hip Hop Movies You Can’t Miss

If you love the Hip Hop culture you can't miss the 10 best Rap and Hip Hop Movies from 1983 to 2017


If you are a big fan of Hip Hop, for sure you’ve been wanting to see a movie about Rap or any other element of the culture more than once.

Surely you already know some of the movies that we recommend below but it will not hurt to keep this list in your favorites for when you feel like diving into the history of Hip Hop while enjoying a good movie.


Furthermore are organized in chronological order


1Wild Style (1983)

We started with a 1983 classic that can’t be missed in this list called Wild Style, one of the most representative films of Graffiti throughout history involving legends such as Grandmaster Flash. If you read the article on The History of Hip Hop you know what we are talking about (from the first films about Hip Hop).

The film is about a New York Graffiti artist known as ZORO who becomes a legend of urban art in the early 80s.

2Juice (1992)

This movie called Juice stars the Hip Hop legend Tupac Shakur, who represents one of the four main characters. The film is about the adventures of some friends of Harlem and their disagreements with the police.

4How High (2001)

We continue with another humorous film also known as How High with an incredible soundtrack and starring the legends of Wu-Tang Clan: Redman and Method Man, about two students who smoke the ashes of their deceased friend and this leads to series of events that give you a point of madness, another movie that you will not stop laughing.

58 Mile (2002)

In this case we bring you a Freestyle movie, specifically Eminem starring in this legendary film also known as 8 miles on how a young white man earns respect from scratch by going on stage.

6Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (2005)

Years later 50 cen premieres a biographical film entitled as his first album the film is mostly about street experiences, skullduggery and fights.

7Stomp the Yard (2007)

In a complete list of films about Hip Hop can’t miss a good movie of Break Dance, also known as Urban Dance if you like dancing this movie will make your hair stand on end.

8Notorious (2009)

Another autobiographical film that can’t miss is Notorious, the film of the East Coast legend Notorious BIG, a film about the artist’s life and how he fights to overcome his goals.

10All Eyez On Me (2017)

Finally, this great film just out of the oven is about the life of Tupac, giving a perspective on certain aspects of the artist’s life never seen before, although obviously the actor who plays the legend of Tupac is not Tupac Shakur, without doubt one of the most relevant films about Hip Hop released in recent years.


What is your favorite movie or what do you think we should include in the next list? We would love to read your opinion in the comments.

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