1. Tupac was 1.76 meters tall.
  2. Tupac weighed between 70 and 76 pounds.
  3. The sign of Tupac is Gemini.
  4. Although he represented the American West Coast, he was born in East Harlem, New York.
  5. His birth name is Lesane Parish Crooks.
  6. He started rapping in Baltimore with the name “MC New York.”
  7. Tupac and Jada Pinkett have already had a platonic relationship.
  8. His ex-girlfriend, Keisha Morris, said that Pac tested for the role of “Bubba” in the movie “Forrest Gump”, but he failed to pass.
  9. According to Tupac, during the “Poetic Justice” recordings, they asked him to take an HIV test before he could film an alleged love scene with Janet Jackson. He refused to do it.
  10. Tupac has already dated Madonna.
  11. Tupac was a fan of Shakespeare.
  12. Tupac enjoyed English songs and some Irish pop singers like Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, Culture Club, and U2.
  13. When he left, “Me Against The World,” hit # 1 on the Billboard 200, making Tupac the first artist stuck on getting it done.
  14. Tupac and rapper Ice-T have already done a duet together.
  15. After Tupac was cremated, members of his group, The Outlawz, said they had mixed some of their ashes with marijuana and smoked them.
  16. Tupac cried after having a conversation with Maya Angelou on Poetic Justice sets.
  17. He has a total of 41 albums released (including posthumous, soundtracks, among others).
  18. In all, Tupac has sold 105 million albums worldwide (including their posthumous albums).
  19. He has already taken ballet classes at the Baltimore School of the Arts.
  20. His name, “Tupac Amaru,” means “Resplendent Serpent”
  21. He began his career as a backup rapper and dancer for Digital Underground.
  22. He had a total of 13 tattoos scattered all over his body.
  23. Tupac is in the Guinness Book
    as the most successful rap artist of all time.
  24. Tupac is considered the rapper most copied by other artists (Especially Rap) of all time.
  25. In 2010, his song, “Dear Mama,” was the third rap song in history to enter the National Recordings Record.
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  • Tupac is the only rapper the CIA mentions in his tweets.
  • Tupac is not only considered a Hip Hop icon, but also a world icon.

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